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Decentralized Platform

In the age of decentralized finance (DeFi), there are following problems:


This is where Anchorage Finance comes in.


The aim of Anchorage Finance is to bring you closer to DeFi, to make it suitable for mass adoption.

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    Why Choose Our Token?

    Anchorage Finance is developing an app that adds farming-projects that have been previously analyzed and checked by our professional team.

    Highest score
    Maximum security
    Highest APY (Annual Percentage Yield)


    Strategic Sale: 8%

    Seed Sale: 8%

    Presale: 10%

    Staking: 12%

    Developer: 11%

    Marketing: 11%

    Team: 5%

    Liquiditymining: 18%

    Crosschain Liquidity: 15%

    Airdrops: 2%

    When You Buy And Sell









    • 1st step Buy BNB on Binance or any exchange that supports BNB (BSC20) smartchain.

    • 2nd Step Send BNB to your trustwallet or metamask.

    • 3rd step go to Anchoragefinance.io website

    • 4th step to buy with BUSD, Copy official deposit Address (0x63172AEEA454Fd7598D63597c69D1ACFEf100Cfe) and send the Amount (Min. 10 BUSD)

    • 5th step tap down the website and fill the form Trust Wallet/ Metamask address should start with 0x(erc20based) Transaction ID (tx id) can be taken from your transaction Side both exchange or personal wallet.

    • 6th step Copy our token's official address (0x4e8332FbD5a97ccFD6494c5F964D56Fe25f69568)

    • 7th step choose import token (metamask) or add token (trust wallet). Paste the address then you will see your AFX token on your wallet. When fairlaunch completed, you will see your tokens at this side


    Stage I
    • Setting up token contract on Binance-Smart-Chain.

    • Setting up social media channels.

    • Listing-announcement on official exchange platforms.

    Stage II
    • Launching website and pre-sale launch pad

    • Pre-sale to community members.

    • Listing AFX-token on Pancakeswap & Dodoex.io & Kucoin.

    Stage III
    • Starting Anchorage Finance farming-projects.

    • Large-scale marketing to grow Anchorage Finance community.

    • Official listing-announcement on a top-20 crypto exchange.

    Stage IV
    • Strategic-sale with minimal possible effect on token price.

    • Releasing NFT trading platform.

    • Adding more functions on the app.

    • Adding full automated farming for different in-app tiers.

    Stage V
    • Marketing for officiall app-release.

    • Releasing official Anchorage Finance IOS and Android app.

    • Releasing in-app education platform.

    • Starting trading competitions with huge airdrops.

    Stage VI
    • Official listing-announcement on a top-tier crypto exchange.

    • Large-scale marketing for the top-tier listing.

    • Listing on a top-tier crypto exchange.

    Stage VII
    • Coming soon with the final version whitepaper…

    AFX Token Details

    • Start

      Jan 10, 2023 (17:00 GMT)

    • End

      Jan 22, 2023 (00:00 GMT)

    • Number of Tokens for Sale

      40.000.000 Tokens

    • Total Token amount

    • Minimal Transaction

      10 BUSD = 1 AFX

    • Acceptable currencies

      BNB, BUSD

    • Contract Address


    • Official Deposit Address

      BNB - BUSD



    Have any Question?

    Join the industry leaders to discuss where the markets are heading. We accept token payments.

    Can i buy directly from website?

    You can buy easily by selecting Easy buy option.

    Will that be listing on another exchanges?

    After the sale process we will be listed on another major exchanges.

    Can you share with us The Sale schedule?

    Jan 10, 2023 (17:00 GMT) Pre-Sale Started.

    What about the token that wont be sold?

    They will be added to another round to sale.

    Will we use the tokens after we bought?

    You will see on your metamask or trust wallet but they will be locked until the open date of exchange.

    Do you estimate exact price of token after the exchange go live?

    We will put a buying barrier of 0.03 USD when the exchange goes live.

    Where will the funds be stored on a decentralized exchange?

    All of your funds will be at your stake on your personal wallet balance on Metamask or Trust Wallet.

    How can i provide security for my funds?

    Your funds will be transferred immediately to your personal wallet. You must store in a safe place of your Metamask or Trust Wallet 12 word or Private key.

    What is your role then? You don't store nothing? Why do you create this platform?

    We already got enough experience how centralized exchanges can use the funds and not giving the service that customers deserve. Also lots of scam possibilities makes centralized exchange unreliable. When the price fluctations occur they don't give you a chance to enter and change your currency to stablecoin etc.

    Does AFX's usage buy and sell create tax responsibility?

    AFX is a decentralized exchange therefore you won't have any responsibility.

    Does AFX located in a country?

    Due to AFX's decentralized nature This exchange is not affiliated with any country. All the transactions will be executed on Binance Smart Chain. Just a reminder that when you changed your Crypto to FIAT you will have to check your country's tax responsibilities.


    Contact Us

    We are always open and we welcome your questions for our team. If you wish to get in touch, please fill out the form below. Also, you can reach us via TELEGRAM on daily voice chat.